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Pavilion and Games

Pavilion rentals are available for groups. Upon request, Southport Park offers games on site such as volleyball, soccer, tetherball, horseshoes, corn hole, and more for students to play and be active if time is available. Please contact group coordinator with times and availability options


Boggy Creek Airboat Rides offers 17 passenger airboat rides to explore the headwaters to the everglades looking for snakes, turtles, Bald Eagles, birds, American Alligators, and more! Tours will drive through the headwaters to explore the natural habitats of these beautiful animals, and give students an adventure through lands that are untouched by man. Tours are either a ½ hour or an hour long. Sunset and night tours are available upon request – Pricing may vary

Native American Show

Authentic Native Americans are on property 365 days a year to speak for the cultural extinct Native American tribes of Florida. The Little Big Mountain family teaches students how native tribes of Florida cooked, hunted, scouted the land, made weapons, and more during this program. Northern Tribes of North America are also mentioned throughout the presentation, as well as stories of the Spaniards invading these tribes.


Gem and Fossil Find

While mining through the buckets, students will discover various gems, rocks, alligator teeth, shark teeth, and other treasures! Students will be able to match each treasure of their buckets with a complimentary card listing each piece of treasure they have within their buckets.



Students will get very hungry from exploring the Headwaters to the Everglades, hearing stories from our Natives, and mining through buckets of dirt to find treasures and artifacts, so why not eat? Boggy Bottom BBQ offers Florida style BBQ made from recipes handed down from generations of Floridians. Group catering menus will be provided via attachment from the group coordinator. Boxed lunches are also available upon request.

  • Choice A: Grape or Strawberry Uncrustable, Bag Lays Plain Chips, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Bottle Water
  • Choice B: Hotdog, Bag Lays Plain Chips, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Bottle Water
  • Upon request, students may bring their own lunches and may eat at our pavilions. Availability may vary. Please contact for times and availability.

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